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High Ground Planning is written in Austin, Texas with the goal of helping readers navigate retirement planning, estate planning, tax issues and related issues. John Goodell provides insights and analysis to help readers make informed long-term decisions.

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High Ground Planning of Austin, Texas is led by John Goodell, a soldier, attorney, law professor, writer and speaker on all things military retirement.

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Go Figure

A LOT OF INVESTMENT math focuses on how money grows over time. But as an attorney who’s worked with many clients hoping to retire in comfort, I find myself thinking more about risk—and how the math can work against us. Consider five sets of numbers: Inflation’s toll: 0.98 Got cash? If you multiply that sum by 0.98, you’ll see your…

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Short Shorting

There are a few things that I have never made money doing. Someday, I will devote an article to the appalling losses racked up buying baseball cards as an investment when I was a kid. On a percentage basis, that was easily my worst investment. On a dollar basis, that financial error pales in comparison…

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Shared Ecosystems

I recently published a piece outlining why I decided to leave the active duty Army after 14 years (located here). I wrote that piece to help anyone grappling with the same dilemma I was: the opportunity cost of sticking around to collect a pension.  The Army and all those with whom I’ve served have immeasurably…

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