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High Ground Planning is written in Austin, Texas with the goal of helping readers navigate retirement planning, estate planning, tax issues and related issues. John Goodell provides insights and analysis to help readers make informed long-term decisions.

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High Ground Planning of Austin, Texas is led by John Goodell, a soldier, attorney, law professor, writer and speaker on all things military retirement.

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Beware the Benchmark

Investopedia defines a “benchmark” as “a standard against which the performance of a security, mutual fund or investment manager can be measured.” Financial institutions and advisors are notorious for altering their benchmarks to support returns in whatever way most conveniently illustrates that they have outperformed the market. In reality, very few advisors outperform the market…

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In Praise of the 40-Hour Plus Workweek

Tim Ferriss built a media empire on the concept that you only have to work four hours each week to become wealthy and live a life of leisure. Although I admit that Tim Ferriss’ podcast has never appealed to me despite multiple efforts, I finally succumbed a few months ago and listened to the (audio)book…

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The Bank of Dad

A wise woman once asked me, “what is the point in discussing retirement or estate planning if the people who inherit whatever money you leave them then go and squander it?” I’ve often debated how to address money with our kids, though I have generally steered away from the topic on this site. As a…

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